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Institution/Author: WINOGRAD, M.; FARROW, A.; AGUILAR, M.; KOK, K.
Publisher: CIAT
Year: 2000
Language: Spanish-English
Price: free  
Price Colombia (in pesos): free  
Scientific Contact: Andrew Farrow

[Indicators of Rural Sustainability: A Vision for Central America] Users of this CD-ROM, a geographical information tool, can select, visualize, and analyze the sustainability indices and indicators developed for Central America. CIAT designed this unique product, using ArcView Data Publisher, a program that was adapted to enable users intuitively find the 11 indices, 68 major indicators, and 114 complementary indicators that the CD details. The tool's functional nature enables users to convert data into information, thus helping to improve decision making in the region. This tool also offers decision makers the opportunity of delineating the region's probable future in terms of different scenarios based on the results of simulation models of land use developed by the team who prepared the CD. All indices and indicators come with technical notes. The CD, available in Spanish, forms part of a packet of bilingual (English/Spanish) products that includes case study reports and the document Lessons Learned. Both are required reading for those who wish to develop and use the indicators. This packet of tools for indicators is free for Central American users (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama). For other countries, we charge a small fee of US$20 to cover packing and shipping costs. 

Keywords: Rural development; Sustainability; Central America


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