International Year of Pulses 2016

A wild bean named after Costa Rica . . .

The taxonomy of cultivated plants often does not excite agronomists, and nomenclatural changes every now and then does not help increase their interest. The few botanists running against the clock to name plants in the remaining spots of the tropical American wilderness see the taxonomy of cultivated plants as a less urgent priority. Here follows an example where beans ? the meat of the poor ? can teach both classes of professionals that such taxonomy still warrant discoveries of unexpected economic impact.Read more


Here is a seed of solutions, if you are looking for a particular plant material in the collections we are responsible for, you can introduce a germplasm request. You will find information about names or traits of specific accessions of beans, cassava and tropical forages. Research results about the target of our conservation efforts and conservation technologies are also available. Please feel free to contact us through this web site for the germplasm or the information that you need.

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